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Chinese Calligraphy (Regular Class)
Terms and Conditions

[Registration Arrangements and Notes]

1)Fill out the online registration form. Please fill in the form individually for each participant. Personal information will only be used for small class course arrangement and contact.

2)After submitting the form and paying the tuition fee, please contact the tutor (via whatsapp / signal / instagram inbox DM) to confirm your reservation.

3)After the tutor receives the registration information, we will confirm and notify the class details

4)Small class teaching (NO trial class), 6 students for each class (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED).

5)If you have any specific needs or questions about the time and arrangement of Chinese calligraphy regular classes, please contact us first.

6)NO REFUNDS will be given after submitting the form to confirm registration and paying tuition.

【Instructions for Classes and Notes on Class Adjustments + Leaves】

1Students must pay tuition in advance. The basic & regular class schedule / cycle is: Pay every 4 classes and MUST complete within 1.5 months (6 weeks). 

If the class cycle is overdue (not completed within 6 weeks), it will be recalculated and the tuition fee paid WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. 

If you need to change the class date and time (including public holidays) , please notify in advance (at least 2 days before the class date) , so that make-up classes can be arranged.

When students request leave or transfer classes, they MUST notify the tutor via text message (instagram DM / signal / whatsapp).

If a student is absent at short notice or without any reason on the class day (Regardless of any reason / circumstances) , the class will be counted as one class. NO additional classes will be made up.

Students can take up to 2 absences per cycle (Regardless of any reason / circumstances). If students take more than 2 absences, they can only choose to adjust classes. Please contact the tutor to make an appointment first. 

)Regular classes MUST NOT be postponed indefinitely.  If student takes leave too much (Regardless of any reason / circumstances), and/or without any notification. The enrollment will be deemed automatically abandoned without further notice. The remaining class(es) will be cancelled, and tuition fees MUST be recalculated.

If the Hong Kong Observatory issues a severe weather warning (typhoon signal No. 8 is forecast / typhoon signal No. 8 or above is in effect / a red rainstorm warning is in effect / a black rainstorm warning is in effect), the class on that day will be postponed, and the tutor will make further announcements based on the weather conditions.

9)It is recommended that students wear dark clothes during class.

If any copyright infringement is discovered (such as notes provided by the tutor, manuscripts and teaching materials used for teaching in class, etc.), the tutor will have the right to cancel the student's qualifications, and the tuition will not be refunded and the tutor reserves the right to pursue claims. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.〔Copyright, reprinting and reproduction are prohibited〕

Location: Fortress Hill. Accessible by buses, trams and Fortress Hill MTR (exit A) nearby.

【Disclaimer and Statement】

1You must be responsible for the safety of your personal body and property. If there is any damage, ZUKZISAT® (the host studio) will not be responsible.

ZUKZISAT® reserves the right to make changes and final decisions on all enrollment, class arrangements, terms and conditions, etc.

3)ZUKZISAT® reserves the rights for final decisions. In the event of inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.

【Tuition fees and payment methods】

$1,600 per person$400 per class, tuition fee is payable once every 4 classes, MUST be completed within 1.5 months (6 weeks). 〕 
* If there are 5 weeks in the month, the fee is $2,000〔$400 per class, also MUST be completed within 1.5 months (6 weeks). 〕

Fees include: 
・Chinese calligraphy copybooks & notes on brushwork & techniques 
・"The 4 treasures of the study
" & stationery that are needed and used in the class
・Share & enjoy tea art and calligraphy culture with students (if you like to drink tea)

* Each new student who registers must purchase a "Calligraphy stationery set for Beginners" ($280) to use in class. The set includes a brush, a bottle of ink, a small stack of xuan paper and a calligraphy and painting felt. Other stationery supplies can be inquired and purchased from the tutor.〔Please pay together with the tuition fee. This stationery set fee is only charged once (Applicable to Freshmen). Please bring your own bag during the first class to pick up the stationery set.〕

(Please reply to the bank receipt & online payment recor
d as proof of registration, and must proactively notify the tutor for processing and confirmation of reservation.) 

ATM / Bank transfer: HSBC 180-721862-833 or ; 
PayMe: 9172 3777 (QR code in the google form) or; 
FPS code: 9250127 
Payment in person: "ZUKZISAT" - Calligraphy and Design Studio [By appointment ONLY] 
      Address: Room 134, 1/F,
7 Seas Shopping Centre, 121 King's Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong

★ If you have any enquiries, please leave a message via signal / whatsapp: 9172 3777 or instagram: @zukzisat DM. 

【About the tutor & calligraphy artist】

A senior designer and Chinese calligraphy artist based in Hong Kong. Learn from the famous Hong Kong calligrapher Mr. Fung Siu Wah (Wahgor). We have worked with different clients, and the calligraphy and inscription works include the Hong Kong movie "Chasing the Dragon" (2017 & 2019), ViuTV programme "Game Day" (2018), Candy Lo's "SENSE" concert (2019), St. James' Settlement Participate in Wan Chai District community activities and '4 District Council members in North Point + Fortress Hill District' - 2020 Lunar New Year "Red Couplets Street Station" on-site writing and red couplet design etc.

In 2020, we served as a judge for the 1st "Hong Kon
g Chinese and English Penmanship Competition - Chinese Calligraphy Pen Category" organized by the Hong Kong Youth and Children's Literary and Art Association. At the same time, we also cooperate with well-known Hong Kong and international enterprises, online platforms, secondary schools, tertiary students in universities & joint school groups, and NGOs, such as on-site writing, shop name inscriptions, promotional material design and production, and Chinese calligraphy classes/workshops and other commercial activities and charity activities.

DISCLAIMER : This application form is for Chinese calligraphy regular class ONLY. 
ZUKZISAT® reserves to change the Final Terms & Conditions,
and the Rights for Final Decisions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

In the event of inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.

For enquiries , please contact us by email : OR instagram : @zukzisat INBOX message.

***  We hereby declare that NO audio message PLEASE!

If you record a voice message , we will not reply any enquiry. ***

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